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September 2018 

Welcome to Precious Is the Child!  Please feel welcome to visit your child's class anytime.  You will better understand your child's conversations about school after a visit and we think you will have fun too!   

During our Bible Time this month the children will be learning about Creation.  God made the world perfect but sin soon came.  We’ll learn about God’s plan to save the world and us, through our Savior Jesus Christ. 

Many of our learning plans are focused around monthly themes:  Me and My Family and Farmer’s Market.  There are two themes for September to help us learn about each other and welcome fall.  We will follow the Plan, Do, Review sequence in our High Scope Curriculum which you may remember hearing about previously.  During the first few weeks the children will learn the classroom rules & routine, what kinds of toys and materials are available, how we can use them (how many ways can you think of?), where things go (find/use/return), and who can help or play with us.  This is a lot of stuff to take in; please talk to one of the staff if you have questions. 

We are collecting Family Pictures to use for classroom activities during the second and third weeks of preschool.  We’ll also post the pictures on a Family Wall in our classroom.  An informal snap shot of your family in the backyard or at a park is just as good as a formal family picture.  We can take a picture of your family at preschool one day if all of you happen to drop-off or pick-up.  And we can even print it for you! 

Friday, September 21 is our Getting-to-Know-You Picnic at Bear Creek Park from 5:30-7:00.  Bring along your picnic supper or eat before you come.  The preschool will provide water and treats.  This picnic is the perfect opportunity to start getting to know the families of the children in your child's class.  Take a moment and introduce yourself!

Chapel will be held on Wednesday at 8:35 and Thursday at 9:00 during the third week of each month.  Chapel is like a mini church service tailored just for children.  During Chapel Pastor Semrow usually presents an object lesson relating to a spiritual topic the children are learning about, we sing children’s Bible songs, hear God’s Word, pray, and receive the blessing.  Parents (or other authorized adults) and siblings are always invited to join us! 

Picture Day is scheduled for Wednesday, October 3rd, at 9:00am.  Children who do not attend on Wednesday are invited to come with a parent/authorized adult just long enough to have pictures taken.  A sign-up sheet will be available on the Parent Desk a couple weeks in advance.  Jenny Olmanson of Taken Today Treasured Tomorrow will be our photographer.  We'll provide pricing sheets and online information shortly.   

Tuition is due September 4th and 5th.

God's blessings to all of you as we begin a new school year together!

Mrs. Burfield