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September 2021

Welcome to Precious Is the Child!  There are four people on our preschool staff this year.  Ms. Jen and I will be teaching, and Mrs. Kom and Miss Mya are our aides.  We are all excited to get this year off to a great start.  And we are glad that you are here at Precious Is the Child!


Our first lesson for Bible Time this year will start us off with how God made all of us special because he loves us.  We’ll use the Bible lesson as a springboard for our first classroom theme which is All About Me: God Knows Me by Name.  Remember to either bring or email a snapshot of your family so your child is able to participate in the All About Me activities for which we will use it.


Many of our learning plans are focused around monthly themes, keeping in mind the interests and abilities of the children.  We will follow the Plan, Do, Review sequence in our High Scope Curriculum which you may remember hearing about at one of your prior visits.  During the first few weeks the children will learn the classroom rules & routine, good hygiene, what kinds of toys and materials are available, how we can use them (how many ways can you think of?), where things go (play/put away), and who can help or play with us.  This is a lot of stuff to take in; please talk to one of the staff if you have questions. 

Friday, September 24 is our Getting-to-Know-You Picnic from 5:00-7:00pm.  Originally, we thought we might try to have the picnic at preschool, but we are rethinking that due to COVID, and the fact that the playground will be pretty crowded.  It might be safer to spread out in the larger area a park can offer.  We’ll let you know soon what we decide to do.  Either way, please bring a picnic dinner for your family.  The preschool will provide a snack and water, in case you would rather snack than eat at the picnic.  This is the perfect opportunity to start getting to know the families of the children in your child's class.  Take a moment and introduce yourself! 

Chapel will be held on the third Wednesday and Thursday of the month at 8:40 am.  The dates this month are September 15th and 16th.  Chapel is like a mini church service tailored just for children.  During Chapel Pastor Kom usually presents an object lesson relating to a spiritual topic the children are learning about, we sing children’s Bible songs, hear God’s Word, pray, and receive the blessing.  Parents (or other authorized adults) and siblings are always invited to join us! This year we ask you to please wear a mask and distance yourself from the group in church.  Your child MAY come and sit with you if he/she likes. 

Worship with us at Ascension anytime; you are always welcome! Worship times are printed on the other side on the calendar.  Preschool children are welcome to enroll in our Sunday School program as well.  Please let me know if you are interested.  


The Sign-up Wall is where you can sign up for any events that may require it.  Any sign-up sheets will be posted on a clipboard between the refrigerator and the bathroom door, inside the classroom.  Your first sign-up event follows in the next paragraph. 


Picture Day is scheduled for Wednesday, October 6th, at 9:30am.  Children who do not attend on Wednesdays are invited to come with a parent/authorized adult just long enough to have pictures taken.  As usual, everyone please wear masks.  A sign-up sheet will be available on the Sign-up Wall a couple weeks in advance.  Jenny Olmanson of Taken Today Treasured Tomorrow will be our photographer.  We'll provide pricing sheets and online information shortly.    

v  Remember, my “door” is always open!

I pray that God will give us all a safe and happy school year!

Mrs. Burfield