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Classroom News


Precious Post

May 21-24

Along with our preschool activities we welcome you
to join us for Worship and Christian
Education at Ascension Lutheran Church: 

Thursday evening worship 6:30
Sunday morning worship 8:00 or 9:30


Bible Lesson

Story:   Paul is Changed – Paul was a man who went from hating Jesus and hurting his followers, to loving Jesus and proclaiming His message of love and forgiveness.  Two ingredients went into this change: God’s Word and baptism.  These two ingredients created faith in Paul’s heart through the work of the Holy Spirit.  Those two ingredients also create and nurture faith in our hearts.

Activities:  Zippy, our Bible story helper puppet, visited one last time before preschool ends. 

We had a mini science lesson about how ingredients (baking soda & vinegar) change, just like our hearts can change when the right ingredients are used. 

Songs:  Love in A Box, many preschool favorites that we have sung over the course of the year


Scripture:  Create in me a clean heart O God.  

Psalm 51:10



AM:  Finishing up what we started


Father’s Day Gift:  It’s a surprise!

Picture Frame:  We have taken class pictures in front of the mural and ALL children have permission to be in the picture.  YAY!  Thank you, parents!  We can’t wait to show you our cute picture frames with our cute pictures in them😊

Finger painting: Our last art activity for the year



Free Art:  Use any art materials you can find to create something amazing

Work Projects 

Work projects are children's play projects that they choose during Work Time.  Children's play is their work.    

·         Art Area: STILL creating with tape, tubes, bottle caps, paper, paper punches, string, yarn, cupcake papers, coffee filters – the kids have been so creative with this – try it at home with your recyclables and paper products and tape

·         Block Area: building castles for the princesses, the princesses decided to become construction workers and they decided to install new toilets in their bathroom; constructing and fixing with the play tools; building pens for the farm animals; marble track; making roads for the cars using blocks; building stadiums;

·         Writing Area: writing on the white boards; sorting the foods on the magnetic nutrition board; drawing, tracing, coloring and cutting out certain objects/props for play; 

·         House Area: dressing the babies and cooking food, taking the babies for walks in the new buggy; pretending to be spies and trying to figure out all the things happening in our classroom   

·         Math & Science Area: Magna Tiles, spiders, teddy bear counters

·         Large Motor: Golf – using our kid sized golf set; Tennis – fly swatters and balloons (can also be golf or hockey depending on how it’s played)

·         Listening Center: books – The Surprise Garden, I Know A Rhino! Night Rabbits

·         Sensory Table: Water and many items to explore sinking and floating


Large Group

AM Only

If I Were A Major League Baseball Player by Eric Braun:  We heard about many things that a major league baseball player gets to do like fielding fly balls that almost reach the fans in the stadium and stopping ground balls.  They also get to sleep in hotels a lot and eat in restaurants a lot.  The best thing about this book was the pictures that show a lot of clear detail surrounding playing baseball. 

We cut Large Group short this week to have extra time to play in the classroom and eat pizza.


Small Group


We have been going outside early to make the most of this amazing weather!


Choice Time:

Children could choose their favorite activities from the Math & Science Area or the Writing Area.  Puzzles were really popular.


Upcoming Events



The Preschool Farewell Picnic is tomorrow, Friday May 25th from 11:00am-1:00pm at Bear Creek Park across from Cub Foods. 

(If it rains we will meet at Monkey Junction instead.  Watch your email for the final decision.  
The address is 4500 60th Ave NW, Rochester, MN 55901. 

If you need help finding it please call the preschool.)