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Precious Post

April 16-20

Along with our preschool activities we welcome you
to join us for Worship and Christian
Education at Ascension Lutheran Church: 

Thursday evening worship 6:30
Sunday morning worship 8:00 or 10:30

During the school year we offer
Sunday School 9:15
Sunday morning adult Bible Class 9:15


Bible Lesson

Story:   On the Road at Easter – Two disciples were overjoyed to tell others that they had seen Jesus alive!

Activities:  Taking a walk to Emmaus, Footprints on a path tell the story

Prayer:  Echo Prayer

Songs:  Let Us Sing for Joy, Go Tell!

Chapel:  Pastor Semrow got us thinking about how Jesus is like a doctor only much better.  Doctor’s help to heal our illnesses and injuries.  Jesus does much more than that; he heals our sin!  He takes it all away so we never have to be punished for it.  We are free through Jesus!





Bug Creations:  Using construction paper and other materials create a bug.  Try to remember all the body parts we talked about and make as many as you can.



Colored Egg Shells:  After coloring egg shells with food coloring and rubbing alcohol last week there wasn’t a lot of interest in using them for art at first.  This week however, several children have created some pretty neat designs.

Work Projects 

Work projects are children's play projects that they choose during Work Time.  Children's play is their work.    

·         Dollhouse: the family made lots of food and ate it, they went to bed, got up in the morning and

·         Block Area: building and underground house big enough to hold four preschoolers and pretending to live there; marble track – one child said “this is the best marble track ever”; a library at a school with a playground on the inside; a jail where, again, four preschoolers can fit inside; the girls dominated the block area for a good part of the week – that is a rare occurrence – GO GIRLS!

·         Writing Area: sorting the food magnets in to the five nutrition categories; writing cards for family or friends; drawing on the white boards; puzzles – especially Winnie the Pooh;

·         House Area: playing grocery store or bank with the cash register; pretending to be Viking by dressing up in the purple jersey; making food to feed the babies; playing dress-up without ALL the pretty dresses – they had to be repaired

·         Math & Science Area: building a home for the little bears with the babies down below and the mommies & daddies up on top to protect them from the spiders; the spiders were camped out nearby perching on top of trees (blocks sitting vertically); Magna Tiles; stringing many rows of monkeys down the back sides of chairs; we were introduced to a math balance – the weights must be placed on equal values on each side to make it balance

·         Art Area: Creating birds like the ones in our pictures by the playground door

·         Large Motor: trampoline, balance beam, bean bag tossing

·         Sensory Table: MOON SAND/Kinetic Sand with insects and spiders

Letter of the Week -
None this week


Large Group

AM Only 

·      Nonfiction Book:  The Life and Times of a Honey Bee by Charles Micucci

·      Story Discussion:  How do bees make honey?  What do bees eat? (Not honey!) Why is there only one queen?  Why are there house bees?  What do house bees do?  How many flowers does it take to make one pound of honey?  Bees make wax and the purpose for the wax,

·      Feeding the Birds:  We’ve been very interested in birds lately so there are some pictures posted by the playground door.  We discussed what birds eat and how they get it, and several children suggested that we feed the birds.  So Mrs. Burfield went to Walmart and got feeders and seed and on Wednesday we hung our feeders.  No we’ll watch and see what comes to our feeders.   

·      Song:  If I Were A Butterfly





Small Group


Drawing Pictures: 
Children were asked to draw a picture in their journal of anything they wanted.  They were instructed to use the correct colors and to take their time and do a really good job.  They did! 

Making Bees:
You will find them on our hallway bulletin board.


Read, Retell, Act Out:
We read The Three Billy Goats Gruff on Monday, Wednesday we did the retelling, and Friday we reviewed the story and acted it out.  Great story comprehension activity!



Upcoming Events

Mrs. Burfield is working with children going to kindergarten next year on the School Readiness Observation Form from Families First.  When these forms are completed parents will be asked to sign them and then will be given a copy to keep.  These forms are then sent to School Readiness in preparation for kindergarten.  Please let Mrs. Burfield know if you have any questions.


Collectible Treasures

  If you have any of these items around your house that you don’t use anymore we could use them here at preschool:


Screws (the not-so-sharp version)