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Precious Post

Feb. 12-16

Along with our preschool activities we welcome you
to join us for Worship and Christian
Education at Ascension Lutheran Church: 

Thursday evening worship 6:30
Sunday morning worship 8:00 or 10:30

Beginning on Ash Wednesday, February 14th, we'll be hosting soup and sandwich suppers at 6:00, followed by a Lent Service at 7:00.  These suppers and services run through Wednesday, March 21st.

During the school year we offer
Sunday School 9:15
Sunday morning adult Bible Class 9:15


Bible Lesson

Story:   Jesus Blesses the Children – We learned how important children are to Jesus.  Just because we are little doesn’t mean we don’t matter to him. 


·         Zippy visited and again we helped HIM learn about the Bible lesson.  He was feeling very un-important because he’s so little, but the Bible story helped him see that Jesus loves him very much and that he does matter; the same goes for all of us!

·         Bible Story Stop & Go – we used a stop light to help remind us about parts of the story

·         Pastor Kom visited and taught us how to do a blessing in sign language.  He does it every Sunday in church.  The blessing is from Numbers 6:24-26.  Maybe your child can remember a little of the sign language for you.

 Scripture:  Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.”  Matthew 19:14

Prayer:  We used the blessing we learned as our closing prayer this week. 

Chapel:  Pastor Semrow taught a lesson about how we are ‘fragrant’ to God because Jesus died and rose to clean us of our stinky sins.  He had a bottle of ‘fragrant’ cologne that he used to demonstrate by spraying a little on his wrist for the kids to smell.  His devotion was based on Ephesians 5:2 “Live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.”






Stained Glass Hearts:  Just have a look at the preschool windows when you pull in to pick up your child.

Stuffed Lace-up Hearts: This was one project for Family Night that continued into the preschool day.  Look up by the lights in our classroom to see them.



Heart Printing with Cookie Cutters: We dipped heart-shaped cookie cutters in paint to make designs on heart cut-outs.

Work Projects 

Work projects are children's play projects that they choose during Work Time.  Children's play is their work.    

·         Writing Area: making Valentines – creating them or using the “fold & color” style we provided; Thank You note for Pastor Kom because he taught us a Bible blessing in sign language this week

·         Block Area: Still playing doctor/surgery – see more details below (House Area); farm continues to be a very popular play scenario – this week the forest animals took over the barn; firefighters/emergency responders; racing cars down the ramps; building house with red blocks – sometimes for an animal to live in;

·         House Area:  The doctor play went to new levels this week when we introduced new tools of the trade – play thermometers, stethoscopes, etc, pretending to do surgery. The majority of both classes played doctor ALL together cooperatively and taking turns with all the different costumes and equipment at some point during the week; playing dress-up, taking our babies to the doctor;

·         Dollhouse: the dolls continue to enjoy rousing games of hide & seek; a few children discovered the joy of running cars down the dollhouse roof like ramps;

·         Music/Book Area: Lots of musical instrument play; since the block area was full one day the children set the train track up in this area

·         Math & Science Area: heart graphing, heart color match, trying to make the balance scale even – trying to keep it balanced, and trying to make one side go up or down;

·         Puppet Theater: using the puppets to play in other areas of the room – monkey had a house in the block area and then monkey had to go to the doctor


Letter of the Week - Vv

Vv Sound Poem: “Revving up the motor, pretty nice bike.  Looking pretty cool Motorcycle Mike!”  Your mouth says Vvvvvvv when you make a revving noise by placing your top teeth on your lower lip.  We also learned a yoga pose called Volcano breaths.  


Large Group

AM Only


·      Story/Repeated Read-Aloud:  Snowy Valentine by David Petersen

·      Story Discussion: What do you think will happen in this story?  Who are the characters?  What were Jasper’s problems?  Where did he go?  Who helped him?  Who didn’t help him? How was his problem solved?  Why was the story called Snowy Valentine? 

·      Songs:  Skinnamarinky Dinky Do, Will You Be My Valentine?

·      Activities:  Our letter that we mailed last week arrived and we got to read it!






Small Group


Creating the Hallway Bulletin Board:   

Ø  Drawing self-portraits

Ø  Cutting magic hearts – use a folded piece of paper and cut only a half a heart, open it and it is whole

Ø  Cutting out crosses

Each of these activities tied to our Bible lesson about how much God loves us, so much that he died on the cross for our sins, and rose again so that we can go to heaven one day.


I Have, Who Has:  A card game where we identify numbers instead of colors.

Who Has # ___: Identifying and placing in order large numbers

There Were Ten in the Bed:  Writing numbers 10-1, counting backwards, on a white board as the song progresses


Upcoming Events

No Preschool on Monday, February 19.  It’s President’s Day!

Collectible Treasures

  If you have any of these items around your house that you don’t use anymore we could use them here at preschool:


Screws (the not-so-sharp version)